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You could use Windows' temp directory or you can simply write out to the same file name every time you need to display an image. There's a really good article here to help you further understand what I'm talking about: a function to read in binary data (in this case your picture file) and another function to write out binary data: works well for writing your picture out to a "temp" file.

Then all you have to do is set the Picture property on your image control to be the file path and name of your temp file. Open "SELECT TOP 1 * FROM tbl Articles", cn End With 'Open our Binary Stream object and load our file into it Set mstream = New ADODB.

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I am a complete novice at access and I've got a table with all employee training records and a Attachment Field where I have been attaching the employee certificates (Ole Object) and in the table it opens the PDF fine.

However I have a datasheet form and the Ole object wont open.

How can I change it so it will open on click (just like in the table)?

Why do you feel you need to store the files in the data tables?

This never works well, and it's usually easier and more efficient and more reliable to store the files in the file system and only a path/filename in the are absolutely right.I have a table with an embedded picture(OLE) coulmn.I Want to be able to insert a new record via a form with a browse option.I am expecting to use an article ID for the update - but again, I don't see how this relates to the question.I am beginning to think this might be not possible.....Your best option is to stop trying to use a bound object frame because it has far too many limitations.

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