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What makes PCMark 8 different from other benchmarks? With PCMark 8 you measure and compare PC performance using real-world tasks and applications.We've grouped these applications into scenarios that reflect typical PC use in the home and at the office.

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One of the main tasks of DIGIT's Procurement and Contracts unit is to acquire computer and telecommunications products and services for the Commission Directorates-General and departments.

The unit also issues invitations to tender on behalf of the administration in Brussels.

This approach ensures that PCMark measures the things that matter, highlighting performance differences that will be apparent to end users and consumers.

The PCMark 8 Home benchmark includes workloads that reflect common tasks for a typical home user.

With more demanding requirements than the Home benchmark, this benchmark is suitable for mid-range computer systems.

PCMark 8 Creative includes web browsing, photo editing, video editing, group video chat, media transcoding, and gaming workloads.

The results are combined to give a PCMark 8 Home score for your system.

The PCMark 8 Creative benchmark includes workloads typical of enthusiasts and professionals who work with media and entertainment content.

You can test the system drive or any other recognised storage device, including local external drives.

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