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bargain and sell unto the party of the second part and their successors in office forever, a certain tract or parcel of land being part of East half of the South west quarter in Section Eight in Township eighteen in Range twelve in the district of lands offered for sale at Tuscaloosa, beginning at the northwest corner of said hall quarter and run South in the same direction that land was run by the general surveyors of the above mentioned Range Eighty rod thence East fifty six rod and corners on two pines, thence north twenty rod to estate one Black oak and two Mountain oaks thence west fourteen rod to a foresa1d hickorywith two black oaks and one post oak thence North twenty two rod to a Spanish oak one white oak and two black oaks thence west twenty two rod to a stake one poplar and two sour wood thence North thirty Eight rod to a stake, with two black oak and one Sweetgum, thence to the beginning, Containing Seventeen acres and three fourths of an acre together with all and singular to the sole use of Springhill Church, forever, whose abstracts of faith is as follows believing in only one true and living God the father word and Holy Ghost we also believe that the Scriptures comprising the old and new Testament are the word of God and the only rule of faith and practice we believe in the doctrine of election and that God chose his people in Christ before the foundation of the world we believe in mans incapacity by his own tree will and ability to recover himself from the fallen state in which he is set by nature we believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God by the imputed righteousness of Christ only we believe that Gods elect shall be called regenerated and sanctified by the holy spirit we believe that the Saints shall be preserved in grace and never fall finally away we believe that baptism and the Lords Supper are ordinances of Jesus Christ and that true believers are the only subjects of baptism and that be amersion (sic) we believe in the resurrection of the dead and a General Judgment and that the Joys of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked will be eternal we believe that no ministers of the gospel has any right to administer to the ordinance of the Gospel but one that is regularly called and comes under the hands of a presbytery (sic) we believe that none but regular baptized members have a right to communicate the Lords table. Poe (1834 NC -1899) married Elizabeth Wright (b.1842) 4 January 1858 by JP James Thomas Poe in Grant Co. Son: Henry Wilson Poe 1861-1927) married Mary Etta Lucas (8 September 1866 26 August 1940); Daughter Martha P. This John Poe (SR) and Sally must be John Poe (1785-1859) and wife, Sarah Threet). bought this property in 1845 from two Guin brothers. POE in 1852, was the loving mother of five children, only two of whom remain to mourn her death. It further appears that on 1(these notes are my own, from microfilm of the census records. Several times, I have found discrepancies between what I noted and what is being transcribed for online access.

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There was also another large cemetery with a good many markers, so I've been told, located across the road in front of the Mute Baker home. James Andrew Hinton married 2nd to Hattie Bell Norman and had four children, the last one being my mother Ressie Lee (Hinton) Frazier." ~ Lorene, the Sheriff of Fayette County, Alabama on 5 October 1840 under three executions upon judgments rendered in Circuit Court of Fayette Co. Mc Lester, assignee for $50.82, another in favor of T. Mc Collum, the principle and Caple his surety in original judgment, and Newman and Joseph Mc Collum, the sureties on write of error bond.

40 or 50 years ago there was a number of graves here, but they were plowed up years ago -- there is only sign of one grave today. May Gods Spirit comfort the.: "My records show Martha A. They had two daughters: Amanda Arstrilla "Trillie" Hinton married Joseph Lester "Pat" Patterson; Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hinton married George Harve Patterson, brother of Pat. Mc Lester for sum of $73.29 & third in favor of James Hogan, administrator of Reuben Jones for sum of $3,655.66 which last payment was rendered against said plaintiff in error and Samuel Caple, one of defendants in cause.

DNA results of a descendant of Stephen Poe of Choctaw County, MS, who is probably a son of George Poe of Fayette County, AL, does not exactly match the DNA of others in the Simon Poe, SR line on a distinctive DNA marker (descendants of Simon Poe SR seem to have the marker #458=16 as opposed to others descended from the generation of Simon Poe SR, who have #458=15).

Most likely, George Poe is a son of, or close relative of, the Jonathan Poe found in Caswell County, NC who is probably the same Jonathan Poe found earlier in Culpeper Co, VA.. Nancy Ringo mentioned as first wife on widows pension application for service in War of 1812.

July 1812 and was oldest citizen of Macon and Bibb Co (GA) having moved here with her widowed mother, Mrs. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirtieth day of April 1822.

And after recommending my body to the ground and my soul to God who first gave it, do bequeath as follows, Secondly I give and bequeath the remained of my estate both real and personal to my beloved wife Rachel Baker during her natural life and at her death the same to pass into the possession of my Daughter Nancy Appling in whose possession and enjoyment I wish it to remain during her Widowhood, and then to be divided as follows viz I give to my beloved children John Baker, Sally Laurence, Polly Laurence, Susanna Freeman, Nancy Apling, Ten Shillings Each the ballance of the estate I give to my five Grand-children, viz Seaborn Apling, , Enoch Apling, Sarah Apling, and Nancy Green Apling to be equally divided amongst them revoking and disannulling all and every other will heretofore by me made.

Please note that there are sometimes letters missing from words or names; apparently due to damage to the Sarah b.

Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of twenty two dollars and fifty cents to him in hand paid by the party of the second part .

He then marries Mary Melton and has at least one child with currently living descendants., at home of her daughter, Mrs. It is interesting this group ends up also in the Fayette County, AL area, where we see at least two Poe groups, one from Caswell County, NC and the other from Chatham Co by way of Anson County, North Carolina. Coleman in says that Absolom Deason's wife was their sister.

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